When it comes to restaurant grade cleaning supplies, we have you covered. Food Equipment Company offers a wide selection of janitorial supplies from mops and brooms, dishwashing supplies, restroom supplies, hand dryers, cleaning supplies, and more.

Air Freshener

Brooms & Squeegees

Brushes & Scrapers


Dishwashing Aprons

Dish Boxes & Lids

Dishwashing Gloves

First Aid

Flatware Retrievers

Floor Mats

Fly Traps

Hand Dryers

Hand Towels

Hood Filters

Kitchen Mats

Paper Towel & Soap Dispensers

Mops & Handles

Mop Buckets & Wringers

Restroom Supplies

Sanitizing Pails

Smokers Outpost Units

Trash Cans & Dollies


Water Hoses & Nozzles