Piano Whip Nylon Handle 18
Vollrath 47006 - Piano Whip Nylon Handle 18"

Item # 0514

Length: 18"
Handle Length: 4-5/8"
Weight: 0.528 lbs.


·         Ergronomic whip with fine wires for mixing or aerating thinner food products

·         One-piece handle is completely sealed - no crevices to collect food or bacteria

·         Center reinforcement wire eliminates bending, twisting and deforming

·         Nylon handle is heat resistant to 475° F (246° C)

·         Comfort nubs on handle for sure grip

·         Wires are stainless steel to resist corrosion and rusting

·         Knob end on handle to prevent slippage while in use

·         Color coded purple for piano style for easy identification

·         textured handle with end knob, 18-8 type 304 stainless wires with center reinforcement wire, NSF, imported