Payment Policy



Charges and Authorizations

Once you place an order with Food Equipment Company, we will run an authorization on your credit card for the amount of the order. This authorization is how your bank or credit card issuer communicates to us as to whether the card used is valid and adequate credit is available. If you look at your bank or credit card account online during this process, you may see that the sale is "pending". This is not the charge; it is only the authorization request. However, the amount of the funds being held for authorization may reduce the amount of credit available during this process. Your card will only be charged once your order is reviewed and processed by our staff.

It's important to take note that the length of time an authorization is held is decided by each individual financial institution. If you have any questions regarding an authorization, please contact the issuing financial institution of your card.

Food Equipment Company will charge your credit card at the time your order ships. If your order includes several shipments, your card will be charged the total amount at the time of the first shipment.

Check Payments

Please call our Sales team at 1-800-845-1164 to place an order by check. The check must be issued from a U.S. bank; we do not accept international checks of any kind. Upon receipt of the check, we will verify with your bank that the account is active and funds are available, prior to processing your order. There may be a waiting period of up to 12 business days as your check clears prior to processing your order, if we are unable to verify information on your account.

Credit Card Payment

Food Equipment Company prefers that all online orders be secured with a credit card payment. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. All orders undergo a screening process to verify purchases are authorized by the cardholder. We will contact you if we require further information to process your transaction.


Food Equipment Company lists all prices in U.S. Dollars. If you are ordering form outside of the United States, the conversion of funds to your local currency will be reflected in your credit card statement. The rate of exchange will be determined when the item ships, not when the order is placed. Your credit card issuer may charge an additional currency conversion fee. If you have questions about this additional charge, please contact your financial institution.


Sometimes buying new equipment is a little out of reach, that's why Food Equipment Company offers a leasing program through a third-party lender to qualified candidates. If you are interested in leasing your next equipment order, begin by calling our Sales team at 1-800-845-1164 to get a quote on your order. Then, visit the online Financing Center to apply.

Prepaid Credit Cards

In most cases, prepaid credit cards are accepted for payment. It's important to note that different credit card companies have separate policies for the hold time on authorizations. If you have any questions about how authorizations work with your prepaid card, please contact the issuing credit agency.

Purchase Orders

Food Equipment Company does not accept purchase orders online. In some cases, purchase orders can be accepted for large account customers. If you would like to know if you qualify for buying via purchase order, please call our Sales team at 1-800-845-1164

Wire Transfers

Food Equipment Company will accept payment via wire transfer. If you would like to pay for an order by wire transfer, please call our Sales team at 1-800-845-1164 for assistance. This is the preferred method of payment for customers located outside of the US.